Action Research Study

This interactive literature review is an embedded component of my graduate coursework at National-Louis University within the Curriculum and Instruction Design Program with multiple intended applications. This student engagement study and associated literature reviews are a work in progress, with each application experience there will be revisions. Initial research will focus on the context of today’s students, followed by a series of student engagement professional development workshops, as well as student-centered employment opportunities.

The scope of Version 1.0 of this literature review is limited to targeted questions 1, 2, and 3. This version will help to prepare for upcoming action research fieldwork at a high school. I will be working with a targeted set of students to produce a series of visualizations and articulations to capture their perceived levels of engagement in their daily learning activities. To become aware of the context of today’s learners, it is critical to identify attributes of student mindsets, dispositions, and readiness to learn with respect to the curriculum and instructional approaches. We are searching for patterns, trends, and a sense of student voice in order to better understand and support their learning needs. 

Over the last several years at the study high school, the student landscape has significantly changed in terms of the number of learners who are actively motivated to pursue higher education and achieve future learning related aspirations. According to the high school's 2008 Illinois Prairie State Achievement Examination results, the needs of approximately 37.5% of 3,990 participating students (total student body: 4,200) are not currently being successfully supported (Interactive Illinois Report Card, 2008).

The goals of this High School Student Engagement Study are to: 

Interview teachers and students to develop qualitative student-driven digital stories

Observe and gather teacher and student quantitative data on engagement and disposition

Process data findings with teachers and students to refine student engagement digital stories.